Ground All white meat chicken is browned with ginger and onion and then tossed and cooked down in an Asian inspired sauce. Chopped water chestnuts are added at the end for a little crunch. Cucumbers marinated in rice wine vinegar and crushed Virginia peanuts serve as cool and crunchy toppings.

Thin noodles are cooked and tossed in a mixture of soy sauce, tahini, molasses, green onion, and sesame and chili oils to make a delicious side to the chicken wraps, and can be served warm or cold.

Take 2 lettuce leaves and add a few generous tablespoons of the microwaved chicken and chestnut mixture to the leaves. top with a little cucumber and finish with a sprinkle of the chopped peanuts. For the noodles; warm slightly if you like or just mix so that the sauce is redistributed and serve as a side to the wraps.