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Month June 2021

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Bake with a Spinach Salad

Chicken and farmer’s market veggies are seasoned and grilled and then tossed with gluten free penne. All of this is mixed with an almond milk béchamel sauce dotted with parmesan and sun dried tomatoes. The side salad is a spinach… Continue Reading →

Greek Rice and Turkey Meatball Bowl with a Cucumber, Chickpea, Artichoke and Tomato salad and a Lemon Mint Yogurt Sauce

Lean ground turkey is mixed with egg, greek seasoning and herbs, a little feta cheese and grated zucchini and pan sautéed until browned, bur still juicy. Rice is cooked in greek seasoning and stock for the base of this bowl…. Continue Reading →

Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry with “Fried Rice”

A colorful medley of vegetables are sautéed and added to some browned garlic chicken pieces. A sauce of Mirin, rice wine vinegar, fresh ginger, and stock is cooked and tossed with the chicken and veggies for a satisfying asian meal…. Continue Reading →

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